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WallpaperCam brings the world of live webcams to your desktop - with live update. It provides a huge list of high quality webcams from all over the world. Choose your favourite view as LIVE WALLPAPER on your desktop! Unseen before...

Click to verify on softpedia homepage... The download contains only the WallpaperCam software. WallpaperCam will not uninstall other programs or add non-WallpaperCam files to your computer.  

The software is Windows® compatible and installs within few seconds only. Should you not wish to use it anymore, which we strongly doubt ;-), it can be completely uninstalled with ease.



1. Click Free Download to start the download. This will open a download screen similar to the following:

2. Click Run/Open

3. The WallpaperCam Software will install.
The use of the software is pretty selfexplaining, press F1 for help.
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After installation, the program will launch. Click in the left pane to choose webcams from various categories. A preview image will be shown. Click Apply for a preview on your desktop, click OK if you want to put a live wallpaper of the selected webcam on your desktop - it will be constantly updated according to the refresh rate in the background.

Press the F1-key for help with WallpaperCam functionality or click the HELP button. Have fun!

How to use WallpaperCam...