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Welcome to the Wallpaper Cam Affiliate Program!

What it is: Wallpaper Cam brings the world of live webcams to your desktop - with live update. It provides a huge list of high quality webcams from all over the world. Choose your favourite view as LIVE WALLPAPER on your desktop! Unseen before...

What you need to do to become a reseller:

1) Try the program! We are convinced that you can only sell what you know... If you don't like it, don't sell it!
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2) Sign up to become an affiliate: the form takes 2 minutes to complete. eSellerate is leading in affiliate management:

3) Add Wallpaper Cam to your account: once signed up, please login to your account under https://affiliates.esellerate.net using your login and password. Then type "Wallpaper Cam" or "SchnaX" in the search box and click "GO". Select Wallpaper Cam by clicking the "Sell this product" link...

4) Get your linking information for selling Wallpaper Cam: Clicking the "Sell this product" link will take you to the product detail page, which contains:

  • A Sales Links tab, with information on how to link to the product.
  • An EST Download tab, with information on how to provide a trial version that will enable users to later purchase the product.

4) Use this info, artwork and your phantasy to sell the product:
You can now link the program from your website, blog or newsletter, google adwords and more... Use your phantasy and this artwork:

Wallpaper Cam banner ads, logos and more...




1. Sign up for the affiliate program

2. Login and find Wallpaper Cam

3. Generate selling links / download files branded with your ID.

4. Select banners and boxshots or create your own materials...

5. Start selling! All success!

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We wish you all success and good sales!

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