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WebCam information for our database (descriptions are subject to editorial changes and are your suggestion only):

Webcam Title:

?:Title for the webcam, shown in the left pane selection dialog: short & expressive. Example: Statue of liberty, New York

Image source URL:

Enter the direct path to the jpg or gif image, ending with jpg or gif. Example: the image properties are showing: you copy the part until .jpg only and enter it here... (please test the URL in a separate browser window before, to check if it actually does show the image only...).

Webcam Description:

Describe what the webcam shows and where it's from... Example: Great barrier reef, Australia. Live underwater view of corals and fish.

URL of Source Webpage:

Copy and paste the URL where the webcam is shown originally, best bet is the page where the livecam is shown. This is the page that will be shown when the Cam Homepage button is pressed. Example:

Country of origin:

Enter the country, where the webcam is located please.

Suggested refresh interval (in seconds):
(numbers only, example value: 60)
Enter the update interval of your webcam - how often it sends new images.

By clicking the Apply now button, you indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms of agreement indicated to the right.
If you do not agree, please don't submit your webcam.

(Please allow up to 3 working days for processing of your request, we are getting hundreds of submissions every day. You will hear from us in any case - we will notify you, if your webcam will be included or not.)


Minimum requirements :

  • Your webcam should have an interesting view...

  • It should be hosted in a stable environment and should be always online.

  • No adult or otherwise offending, illegal pictures are shown.

  • Preferred resolution is over 500 pixels wide. However, if you have something unique to show, please submit even smaller resolutions.

  • The update interval does not matter, as long as it is more than once a day, standard is between 60 seconds and 15 minutes.

  • The graphics format of the picture you serve needs to be in either jpg or gif format, no cgi or php serving. (URL ends with *.jpg (*.jpeg) or *.gif.

  • You need to agree to the terms below.


Terms of agreement between you and (SchnaX Software):

  • The inclusion of your webcam is subject to editorial approval. There is no guaranteed inclusion.

  • You agree not to send offending images (adult, violence, illegal content) on purpose via the webcam. (Should violence happen on a street you show, it's not your fault ;-)...

  • The parties agree not to charge each other for any services, we do not charge you for inclusion and promotion of your webcam, you do not charge us for traffic.

  • The agreement may be terminated by any of the parties at any time via email notice. We will remove your webcam feed from our database within 72 hours after receipt of your termination notice.

  • The agreement only contains the right for us to inlcude your webcam feed into our database. We do not hold you responsible in any way for bandwidth problems with your webcam feed or if your webcam is down. If we find your bandwidth or stability too weak for the requirements of a smooth service, we may terminate the agreement at any time by removing your webcam feed from our database.

  • There are no obligations for you at all, except to comply with the non-offensive clause above. We may not hold you responsible for anything, except that we reserve the right to remove your webcam from our service at any time.

  • By clicking the Apply now button, you are stating that you are entitled to undergo such agreement and you are the operator of the concerned webcam or you are entitled to act in the name of the webcam owner/operator.

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